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MAKRO GLAUBEN INDONESIA is one of the most developing printing company specialized in Offset print and book binding, and Our Plant is located in Cikarang Jababeka, Bekasi.

We realize that Printing industry grows fast in supporting business chain, and being trustworthy in making a transformation from Customers ideas and all graphic raw materials to be a finished product is our key of success.

MAKRO GLAUBEN INDONESIA exist and stand still because of support of our employees and machines technology, yet nothing is 100% perfect in this world. We might make a mistake but we grow from it. We learned and be responsible.

And Over the years, PT. MAKRO GLAUBEN INDONESIA has provided excellent services to our customers, and we strongly remind to all employees that the company’s commitment is to fulfill customer’s needs and requirements. Through this strong commitment, our customers have truly benefited.

As the printing, and binding business continues to grow, our technology, equipments, and services are being upgraded to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Through our dedication, customers can always count on PT. MAKRO GLAUBEN INDONESIA as a partner with innovative solutions to meet demands.


Being a best partner in supporting all business related with offset printing field specialized in packaging and book printing solutions in a fast moving and consumer orientated market place.

Continually looking to future needs and demands of the market to redefine and reorganize our service.

Acknowledging the personal development of our employees as paramount importance to the success in achieving our aims.